BWCA 2019 Gear List

In this post will be all the gear that I know I will need to take on the BWCA 2019 trip.  Most of this gear is on the list because I know what is needed in the outdoors, yet this list will be compared against published BWCA resources to ensure reality and to not assume I know anything at all.  I’ll also break it out into categories as I go along just to organize.  Where I take the time I’ll post a link to the item on,, or wherever it may roam.

One of several BWCAW logos I’ve come across.

As I get a category done “enough” I’ll put it below and link to the post chatting about it.

I have a bunch of categories for my gear.  I break it down like this because that’s how I think of these things.  Have I forgotten a category?  Combined too many things into one?  Let me know!  Additionally, the spreadsheet I keep with all this gear has the weight of each item so I have a generic idea of pack weight.  I don’t obsess over it, but it’s good to have a general number.

Categories Covered “So Far”



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