Countdown To BWCA 2019

For quite some time I’ve heard about people taking trips to the Boundary Waters.  Enjoying the outdoors like I do the type of trips that were described seemed like what I would REALLY enjoy.  I’ve wanted to learn more about the trips but due to a busy life and other things, I’ve not gotten serious about it. My brother-in-law’s good friend has gone a few times so hearing about it briefly from him on a camping trip two years ago the idea burned a bit brighter.  In 2019 I’ll suddenly have more discretionary time and I decided that it was time to get serious about investigating what’s all about.   After looking into it more there wasn’t much of a question… yes, I need to go.  I contacted the core of the group that goes on a yearly long weekend trip and they are in.

In this post, I’ll put a bunch of setup to the BWCA and then create a series detailing my prep, the trip itself, and then lessons learned.

What is the BWCA?  Read about it here (Wikipedia): Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

Basically, it’s a huge protected area that allows people to take their non-powered watercraft (canoe, kayak, etc) and get into nature.  Only a certain amount of groups are allowed to launch by site by day.  Only 9 or less people in a group, and four water vessels or less in the same group.  Having all these rules and more attempts to keep the area from getting over visited and therefore available for many generations to come.

So …. 2019.  Countdown.

BWCA 2019 Gear List

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