BWCA – Resources

There are some very fine resources on the BWCA out there.  I'll focus on the resources for "I've never been, I need to learn and plan this thing out!"  I'll add to this post as I go. - Massively helpful site that has tools to help plan the trip, find outfitters, etc.  That's important... Continue Reading →

BWCA Gear List – Survival

 This is part of a larger series where I am gathering my thoughts on my gear for a BWCA 2019 trip.  See the intro, and list of gear categories, HERE. Survival Emergency Blanket Knot Cards Paper + Pen Compass Maps Duct Tape Trash Bag

BWCA 2019 Gear List – Miscellaneous

This is part of a larger series where I am gathering my thoughts on my gear for a Boundary Waters (BWCA) 2019 trip.  See the intro HERE. Miscellaneous - Anything that doesn't fit into another category.  Or maybe it COULD fit into another category but I don't want it to.  I could also create MORE categories... Continue Reading →

BWCA 2019 Gear List

In this post will be all the gear that I know I will need to take on the BWCA 2019 trip.  Most of this gear is on the list because I know what is needed in the outdoors, yet this list will be compared against published BWCA resources to ensure reality and to not assume... Continue Reading →

Countdown To BWCA 2019

For quite some time I've heard about people taking trips to the Boundary Waters.  Enjoying the outdoors like I do the type of trips that were described seemed like what I would REALLY enjoy.  I've wanted to learn more about the trips but due to a busy life and other things, I've not gotten serious... Continue Reading →

Don’t Make The Struggle a Struggle

Getting through a tough workout is 100% mental. That's it. As long as you have a recent heartbeat there is always the ability to scale to any physical limitations that you may have, or think you have. .... Can’t allow the struggle to become a struggle.

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